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VOLVO power generation engine (GE engine)
VOLVO multi-purpose engine (VE engine)
VOLVO diesel generator set
VOLVO original spare parts and after-sales service
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    STAR POWER original spare parts

    Structural accessories: body, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, supercharger, various pumps and other
    repair accessories: piston, cylinder liner, piston ring, fuel injector, repair kit and other
    electrical accessories: ECU, sensor, governor , Control wiring harness, starter, charger and other
    original consumables: original filter, special lubricating oil, special cooling liquid

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    Star Power engine after-sales service

    Engine overhaul: To detect and repair engine failures.
    Minor engine repair: engine repair time 3000-4000 hours for special repairs
    Engine mid repair: engine service time 6000-8000 hours for special repairs
    Engine overhaul: engine service time 9000-15000 hours Special repair

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