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Which one is better, one original filter element and ten non-original filter elements?

Release Time: 2020-05-14

Recently, two customers whose equipment malfunctioned due to counterfeit filter elements reported repairs, which reminded us again of non-original parts. Have you purchased non-original accessories to save costs? As everyone knows, the potential loss of property using non-original accessories is much more than the cost savings when buying.

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According to the feedback from the operator, the equipment they rented often lacked power or even turned off. The operator shared about 10 hours before and after dealing with this problem in the past month, which affected the normal handling operations.

After investigation, it was found that after the product was released, the filter element supplier was changed. Identified, this filter is a non-original accessories . Insufficient filtration accuracy, internal filter paper opening glue, resulting in impurities can not be filtered, fuel system failure. After replacing the fuel injector and cleaning the oil circuit, the fault is eliminated.

Non-original parts cost savings: about 300 yuan

Direct loss : equipment loss is about 5000 yuan

Loss of work:

Lost time 10 hours x (240 yuan per hour rental loss + 45 yuan per hour operating hand salary) = 2850 yuan

Total loss : 7850 yuan

➡The amount of loss is much greater than the cost savings of buying non-original parts.


In another case, due to the prolonged use of non-original cartridges clients, many times resulting in failure of the engine lubrication, lead -induced pull cylinders, camshafts major fault wear. The resulting loss is about 80,000 yuan.

➡The amount of loss is much greater than the cost savings of buying non-original parts.

Let's take a look at the knowledge about the original filter element.


What is the filter element?

Simply put, the filter element is the " mask " of the engine , which isolates large particles of impurities in the engine oil, fuel or air.


Characteristics of filter element

Taking the oil filter element as an example, the oil of the filter element is composed of a casing, a fixed spring, a filter paper and a chassis . Its external structure is simple, but the filtering precision is required .

Because the structure is relatively simple, it is easy to imitate from the appearance, which leaves an opportunity for counterfeiters.


Hazards of using non-original accessories

In order to save costs, the use of non-original accessories may cause losses that are far higher than the cost savings.

1. Damage to the equipment

If it is light , the filtering accuracy of the filter element is insufficient, resulting in chronic wear of the engine and reduced power.

In the worst case , the filter paper is damaged, causing the engine to be overhauled in advance.

2. Loss of money

Direct loss : Damage to the equipment requires additional maintenance costs.

Potential losses : equipment shutdown, personnel shutdown. These will not appear in the company's purchase accounts, but this will significantly increase production costs and management costs.


How to identify the original filter

01 Look at the appearance

Part numbers are updated frequently. But some fakes are still being sold after a few years.

For example: 7 years ago, 477556 had been upgraded to 21707132, but there are still old numbers in the market.

Consult Volvo Penta ’s authorized after-sales agent for the new part number.

02 Inner heart

40% of the material costs of filter companies are concentrated on filter paper . High-quality filter cores must not only be stable during long-term use, but also maintain continuous high-precision filtration under low pressure before and after filtration. Therefore, filter paper is the core of the filter core.

The low-quality filter element not only has insufficient filter paper length, but also has a rough texture and low filter accuracy, and even edge glue and filter paper damage may occur.

It is recommended to save an original filter element for later comparison.

03 Find an expert

Volvo Penta ’s agent engineers throughout the country can help you identify the authenticity of accessories with knowledge and rich experience of accessories.

But imitation fake degree is also changing, therefore, to obtain original parts of way is from the formal channels - the Volvo Penta authorized dealer after-sales procurement .

Customer success is the core value of Volvo Penta. To this end, Volvo Penta and its authorized after-sales agents actively and closely cooperate with customers to face the challenges of non-original accessories, and find ways to reduce the full life cycle cost of equipment to create value for customers.

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