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Volvo engine and generator repair content

Release Time: 2020-05-14

Maintenance content of Volvo engine and generator set (due to the difference in performance and usage status of various generator sets, the listed standards are for reference only, and should be operated according to the specific circumstances)
Generator small fault maintenance : for small faults of the unit, the fault phenomenon is tested And maintenance.

Genset minor repair : (Usage time: 3000-4000 hours)

1. Check the degree of wear of the valves of the diesel generator set and the valve seat of the diesel generator set, and repair or replace the
diesel generator set if necessary; ;
3, check and adjust the rod and each of diesel generator sets torsion torque tightening screw;
4, check and adjust the valve clearance diesel generator;
5, to adjust the diesel generator set injector stroke;
6, check the adjustment charger fan The tension of the belt;
7. Cleaning the carbon deposit of the intake branch pipe;
8. Cleaning the intercooler core;
9. Cleaning the oil lubrication system of the entire diesel generator set;
10. Cleaning the sludge and metal iron of the rocker chamber and oil pan Shavings.

Genset repair: (Use time: 6000-8000 hours)

1. Minor repair project with diesel generator set;
2. Decompose engine (except crankshaft);
3. Check cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, intake and exhaust valve, crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, lubrication system, cooling system The vulnerable parts should be replaced when needed;
4. Check the fuel supply system of the diesel generator set and adjust the oil nozzle of the oil pump;
5. Repair and detection of the generator electric ball, clean the oil deposits and lubricate the electric ball bearing.

Overhaul of generator set: (Usage time: 9000-15000 hours)
1. Medium repair items with diesel generator set;
2. Disassembly of the engine of all diesel generator sets;
3. Replacement of cylinder block, piston, piston ring, large and small bearing pad, crankshaft thrust Gaskets, intake and exhaust valves, a full set of engine overhaul kits;
4. Adjustment of oil pump, fuel injector, replacement of pump core, fuel injection head;
5. Replacement of turbocharger overhaul kit and water pump repair kit of diesel generator set;
6. Calibration The connecting rod, crankshaft, machine body and other parts shall be repaired or replaced if necessary.
7. Dust removal of motor stator and rotor.
8. Check the insulation characteristics of stator and rotor coils.
9. Test and restore the engine control circuit.
10. Detect the high water temperature and low oil pressure protection function of the engine, and replace the damaged parts.
11. Test each instrument on the control panel and start the switch.
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