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Career Development

The development of StarPower comes from the support and dedication of every StarPower employee.

StarPower advocates innovation and encourages personal progress. We are committed to creating a vibrant, enthusiastic and fair working environment for employees, creating an ideal self-display platform for employees, and committed to becoming a well-known industrial and marine diesel engine And diesel generator set providers and service providers.

We have many talented employees. With a rigorous attitude and strict standards, they guarantee the quality of every link from pre-sale and during sale to installation and after-sale maintenance. Each product is the crystallization of their wisdom and technology, which has earned StarPower praise from the market. Whether it is to customers or employees, StarPower follows the same commitment: no Disappoint your expectations!

We do not refuse talents, we sincerely invite you to join the creative team of StarPower.

employee training:

To encourage employees to develop their own capabilities, the company provides various internal training. Such training will take the following forms: courses arranged by the training department, training courses arranged by the business department, and specific training courses conducted on the field of the business.

Promotion mechanisms:

Advocating innovation and encouraging outstanding personal progress, mediocrity and inaction mean falling behind and being eliminated. When a vacancy occurs in the company, first consider the employees of the company to provide them with opportunities for promotion. When such a vacancy occurs, we will first consider those who have the appropriate conditions and abilities to replace this position.

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